About us

Why this platform?

To date there is not yet a platform that provides a comprehensive database of all the current companies, latest news and information on how to invest in the field of cellular agriculture. This is why we started New Farms.

All of the information on this site is based on news articles and on the book Moo’s Law from Jim Mellon. We highly recommend this book for everyone who wants to know more about cellular agriculture. Also, Jim Mellon mentioned that all proceeds from the book go to charity.

We appreciate any feedback, tips or ideas for new features so shoot us a message: newfarmsofficial@gmail.com.

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Why cellular agriculture?

Compared to industrial fishing and livestock farming cultivated products emit far less greenhouse gases, involves no animal cruelty or damage to the ocean, uses far less land and involves no deforestation, has no antibiotics and is better for our health.

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